Instagram is testing forcing users to watch ads


Instagram is testing ads that users can’t skip.

Social media platform Insta currently allows users to swipe or swipe through ads that appear in its main feed of photos and videos, as well as in story feeds.

But it is now testing a feature called “commercial break,” which users say they cannot skip as usual. This means they will be forced to watch the ad without the ability to skip.


Images shared of the Instagram app show the online app temporarily counting down to zero before resuming normal functions.

“Sometimes you may need to watch an ad before you can continue browsing,”. the Meta-owned platform tells those who click for more information.

Instagram confirmed to the BBC that the trial is ongoing.

“We are always testing formats that can bring value to advertisers,” she said in a statement,. adding that she would provide further updates if testing leads to permanent changes to the format.

In a later statement, Meta said it was “always experimenting with new advertising products and solutions that align with evolving consumer trends and business needs.”


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