The actual storage capacity in the new PS5 Slim is not 1 TB..


Sony recently announced the PS5 Slim, advertised as having 1 TB of storage capacity. However, the actual usable storage space is less than advertised. [1]

Usable Storage is Less Than 1 TB While the PS5 Slim contains a 1 TB solid-state drive (SSD), the actual formatted capacity available for game storage is only 868 GB. This is due to several factors:

  • Operating system files take up storage space
  • Factory formatting of the drive
  • Reserved space not usable for games

So in reality, the PS5 Slim offers around 14% less storage than advertised. This may be an issue for players with large game libraries.


Reasons for Reduced Capacity There are some technical reasons why the usable capacity is lower:

  • SSD overhead – Some space is used for wear-leveling algorithms and maintenance operations to ensure longevity. This overhead accounts for around 7% reduction.
  • Operating system – The PS5 operating system and system files take up around 10% of the SSD capacity.
  • Reserved space – An additional 6% is reserved for system updates, saved data, and temporary files. This space protects the system from crashes.

Impact on Gamers The reduced actual storage capacity has some implications for PS5 Slim owners:

  • Can store around 20-30 large AAA games, not 50+ as expected.
  • Larger game library requires adding external USB storage.
  • May need to re-download games after deleting to make space.

While 1 TB sounded spacious, the limitations bring it closer to a standard PS5 in practice. Gamers desiring more storage space should consider upgrading the SSD or adding external drives.

Opinions on Reduced Capacity PS5 Slim

Gamers have expressed mixed opinions regarding the reduced usable storage space on the PS5 Slim:

Positive Opinions PS5 Slim:

  • 868 GB is still a useful amount of space. The PS5 originally had only 667 GB usable.
  • Extra space can be added cheaply via external USB drives.
  • Average game sizes are still around 50 GB, so can still fit a decent library.
  • 1 TB sounds better for marketing than 868 GB, even if not fully accurate.

Negative Opinions PS5 Slim:

  • Feels deceptive to advertise 1 TB when real capacity is noticeably less.
  • Should have added more overhead space to get closer to 1 TB of actual storage.
  • Extra space requires cables and accessories that add clutter.
  • May run out of space quickly with several 100 GB+ games.
  • Should have future-proofed with 1.5 TB or 2 TB drive instead.

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Overall the reduced capacity has not been a major issue for most gamers, but some feel misled. The storage limitations could have been communicated better to set expectations.

PS5 Slim

Adding Additional PS5 Storage For gamers who need additional storage space, there are a few options:

  • External USB HDD – Can store PS4 games only. USB 3.0 drives provide good speeds.
  • Solid-state external drive – More expensive but can play PS5 and PS4 games. Needs high speed interface.
  • Internal SSD upgrade – Replacing the internal SSD offers fastest speeds. But PS5 compatible drives are pricey.
  • Delete old games – Removing unused games can free up space as needed. But re-downloading games takes time.

The right storage solution depends on budget, technical comfort, and the types of games to be stored. But the reduced capacity certainly encourages gamers to consider storage upgrades sooner.


Sony’s advertised 1 TB capacity for the PS5 Slim is misleading. Due to technical limitations only 868 GB is usable for game storage, which is a significant reduction. Gamers expecting to store 50+ games may be disappointed and require additional external storage. Sony could improve by communicating the actual formatted capacity to set accurate expectations.

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